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What does Love look like?

One thing that all people all over the world want, is love.

Love inspires evolution and growth, arts and technology, health and every other aspect of Life. In the end, people seek love to feel they belong and that that they are part of the human race. This is a wonderful driving force, as love is the very thing that underpins all of creation.

The problem is that we don’t know what love looks like or feels like.

We easily confuse physical attraction with love, and say “I love you” with the best intentions, yet, we might as well substitute “I love you” with “I need you”. Think about this for a moment “I need you” makes the needed person feel good (for a while though), and the needer also feels good, because the thing needed is there.

This kind of feeling implies possession on the one hand, and possible loss on the other hand, which mostly leads to fear in such a relationship. This, unfortunately, reflects the state of the vast majority of relationships on earth. We are looking for love outside of us, and when such a needed person leaves, we believe that love is leaving us. Love leaving is probably one of the scariest thoughts a person can have, because we instinctively know that love underpins Life, so when love leaves, we feel that Life also leaves.

The above description is merely one idea of love, and each person loves/needs this type of love in a personalized way – and rightly so. However, if love underpins Life – all of Life – the love cannot be boxed, contained or categorized. Love is personal. Love is everywhere. Love is free.

You are Love, and don’t need to seek it outside of you. The more love and freedom you embody and give away everywhere, the more love you will experience. Love does not have one face or shape or form. Love is the energy that creates Life, that created you.

You are a miracle! Do you realise that there will never ever ever be another one like you? There never was and never will be a you again. This is probably enough reason to rejoice in the creation that is you and to love your own love, thus your own Life. The idea that love is out there waiting to be found is fallacy that causes severe trauma and loneliness, and we all know the devastating mental, emotional and physical effects this can lead to.

So, what is love then? It is everything. EVERYTHING.

When we feel afraid and alone, we get these gentle reminders from our Creator of the many faces of love that we tend to overlook. Yesterday I my daughter and I took my two-year old granddaughter for a walk, when she stopped and cupped a wild iris in her tiny hands. While gently holding the flower, she looked up and said to us “this flower looks like love”.

Can you imagine a world where we can tell each other that we all look like love, a world where we raise our children in this manner? Animals and birds, insects and fish, flowers and trees, butterflies and fleas actually all look like love!

I challenge you to stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say to yourself: “you look like love.”

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