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The Gift

Breathe. And breathe again. Take a deep, conscious breath and as you inhale, become aware of how much of the environment you are taking into your body.

Be still for a moment, close your eyes and listen how a whole world that we don’t really pay much attention to, the soundscape, is brought to you, courtesy of the air.

Look. Just look at the wonder of creation…the people, plants, animals. Look at the colours and shapes of all you can notice in this existence of ours.

When was the last time you ate slowly? Tasting and appreciating your food? Or, smelled the world around you?

Now, focus on what you are feeling. Have you noticed how brilliant your skin is at decoding what is going on around you? Our skins have an intelligence beyond our conception and we can openheartedly trust this intelligence.

I’m specifically focusing on the five physical senses, because of the very recent death of a loved one. Let me explain how death and senses are linked.

Our sensuality is the Gift we have while occupying our physical bodies. Once we die, our senses die too. Why is this profound? Because we take our senses for granted, and somehow our upbringing and education systems do not teach us to appreciate our sensuality.

Of course, we learn how they work, and what they are for, but what is lacking, is the singular, most magnificent experience our senses allow us to have. Do you think you can experience a kiss without your body? Or the touch of a lover?

Seeing, hearing and holding your newborn for the first time is forever an unmatched moment when done consciously. What about biting into your favourite fresh fruit…the texture and juice, oh, and the nourishment it brings to the body becomes tangible when we pay attention. Do you remember the first time you tasted chocolate?

When last did you smell the rain or freshly-cut grass? The joy on a dog’s face when he hears you say “Good boy!” What about the smell of your lover’s skin? Can you recall it as you remember?

Oh my, and have you noticed the colours of the flowers and leaves in Spring? Can you recall seeing the ocean move and play and offer a home to Life? Notice the moods of the weather; only your physical senses can.

These five senses have a direct effect on what a person’s heart feels – our emotions. When we pay attention to what and who we allow ourselves to be exposed to, we consciously or purposefully generate emotions that serve us and make us happy.

It is also important to remember that others are exposed to us as well, and they experience us through their senses. What are we thus causing them to feel? How are we contributing to the wellbeing of others? And this is the secret, we contribute to the wellbeing of the planet by simply being. Being conscious of how you are being in the moment is how we create a better world for all of to be in.

How are you experienced today?

My dearest Dad-in-Law, thank you always being such a gentleman around me. You made a huge and wonderful contribution and showed me how to never, ever lose hope.

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