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The day I died

Being woken by geese beckoning a magnificent sunrise sounded like bells ringing to announce a new time, a new chapter, a new choice.

During winter they were quiet. Like the rest of Life, winter was time to regroup and savour the promise of what was coming, deep in the heart. It was a time where all of us dreamt our dreams and played with ideas, creating vastly different futures and trying them on to feel if they fit. In our imaginations we are allowed and able to practice anything we want to, without having to be subjected to direct consequences. Only when we decide on a path, we begin to align ourselves with what we imagined we wanted, and it starts happening.

This is, simply put, an energy shift. We decide how much of which quality of what we have to give, goes where. Isn’t it absolutely astounding to think that we actually have the ability to create and uncreate (give life to, and take life) anything we choose?

What has this then to do with death? Everything.

Unfortunately, our society had not yet developed to a stage where we can embrace all sorts of deaths. Generally speaking, the word death brings about an ancient fear of ending and loss. Of course death, as we experience it, shatters our world and brings tremendous pain and longing. From our current world-view, this is perfectly normal and natural, yet it might be beneficial to reassess our idea of death. Perhaps we can expand our definition of the word DEATH. I wonder what would happen if we rather say CHANGE?

I essence, death as we know it, is change. Change for everyone, and this change is not always experienced as negative. The suffering comes when there is Love and we want that form of Love as we knew it, to stay exactly the same. When this change comes, the familiar world ends; it changes.

Looking at death this way makes death a common experience in our everyday lives. We constantly die hardly noticeable little deaths, for being the embodiment of Life, is to constantly change.

Everything dies – thoughts, feelings, relationships, ideas, health, illness, families, words, actions, ambitions, dreams and desires. You can further your own list of little deaths, for you die different deaths than I do.

The day I woke up to a new way of thinking and relating, of seeing new possibilities and having new dreams, was the day I knew I had died. The me of yesterday was gone, dead, changed.

Fearing these deaths stifles Life, and what a tragedy it is to us all if but one of us would not have the courage to participate in the evolution of Life! Together we create Life. We grow and expand when we realize that we are Life. Each and every one of us is sovereign and encouraged to live as such. It is by expressing who you truly are and encouraging others to do the same, that we create the kind of Life where we would want to live.

You are Life. You are the source of your focus. You have the ability to choose. Please, choose Life over fear and embrace change – there is no other way.

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