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Starting Over

We all have said “I need to start over again” so or other time in our lives. In those moments we really mean so, but how many of us do it? Or even know what it means to ‘start over’?

It means claiming back your sovereignty, your dignity and your freedom.

I am not for one moment suggesting that one should pack up and leave, unless you choose to. What I mean is that you have the courage to start living by choice. You are free to choose your attitude, your posture, your friends and anything else you spend your energy on.

Realising that you have choice is Life’s greatest grace, and exercising this choice is Life’s greatest freedom.

The idea behind this piece is simply to remind you that you ARE love and grace and freedom – you have just forgotten and the time has come to reclaim what is already yours. The beauty of living this way is that you will become peaceful and joyful, for you will realise your power to change whatever you choose to change. And by you going first, others will see it is possible and if you can, so can they.

By having the courage to go first, we ignite freedom and sovereignty in our families and societies. This courage has the potential to change our world into one of ultimate liberty, where we are free to live according to primary values of beauty, truth and goodness. We can all be free to create a world whereby we are guided by love instead of fear. We can create a world where our individual gifts are celebrated instead of suppressed into conformity. We can create a world where we all take responsibility for ourselves and others.

Once you have reclaimed who and what you truly are, you will once again start paying attention to the birds singing, the insects humming and the baby laughing. You will touch Life with kindness and empathy and you will see humour and irony in every situation.

Life is right here, right now and inviting you to at least consider new potentials. Dream about them and try them on for size. If you like what you dreamt, choose that and choose it powerfully. Choose it with your heart and infuse it with gratitude like it is there already. For by dreaming it, choosing it and thanking it, you bring it into your reality. Now one has to adopt and become the way you have dreamt, for before you know it, your becoming has created that dream as a new experience.

Share your freedom with others. The more we share the more we experience of what we share, for it is said that what we sow we will reap. The season for sowing new seeds has begun, and you are free to choose your crop. Choose well and choose wisely, for the whole of humanity is hungry. You are invited to feed us with whatever you choose, so if you want a healthy, well fed society, please feed us with your best produce. For you are tasked with the responsibility to prepare the ground, choose your seeds, tend to them, reap them and share with others. When you present your crop, do so with pride, because this is ultimate your creation and contribution.

The world is waiting and you have been reminded.

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