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Checklist for your Will

When you set up your Last Will and Testament, you need to include certain details which, if left off, can complicate the unwinding of your assets after you pass away.

Instruct your attorney to consider the following:

Checklist for a will:

· Full names and copies of ID of Testator

· Physical Address

· Marital status of Testator

· Full names and ID of spouse

· Confirm that the surviving spouse is to inherit if parties are married in community of property.

· Who must inherit when testator dies- list full names and details of beneficiaries

· Description of the properties and copies of Title Deeds

· Are there bonds registered over the Immoveable property

· Should the property be transferred to a specific heir

· Is there Insurance in place to cover the bond?

· Are there any specific bequests for e.g. to a sister, gardener etc.

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