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Are you in or out?

Isn’t it absolutely amazing that the whole world changed without war, invasion or hostile takeover?

People were basically sent home and told to take a break from everyday life that many (if not most) people hated. How wonderful! And, how awful. Depending on your point of view…

The irony is that we got what we wanted. Exactly what we wanted, but not the way we wanted it.

Here we are now, at home, happy, spending time with our loved ones and finally enjoying Life. No?

Let’s look at what happened to us. The world changed overnight. A tiny, invisible little virus came along and brought our world as we knew it (and hated) to a screeching halt. All of us thought that this was a temporary vacation, but alas, it has become the new way of living Life. Of course people are dying and of course people are struggling and this is where the total surprise is hiding – people were always dying and of course, people were always struggling – but not all people.

If we take the death disaster out of our new world and realize that people have always died of something and will always die, what is it that shifted and what does it take to thrive in our new time? Please take note that I wrote OUR time, because it belongs to all of us. We have the golden opportunity to make it work for us and shape every day into an artwork that we create individually and as a collective.

In this creative process lies the challenge – are you willing to do whatever it takes? If the answer is yes, you have a lot of learning and work to do, and if the answer is no, well, tough and good luck.

All the YES people have plenty to talk about. How are we going to do this? What is required to thrive and participate in making the new earth a good place for all?

Firstly, we need to think of everything as energy – just as Mr. Newton taught us more than 300 years ago. He said that energy can never be created of destroyed, it can only change form and be stored.

Think of the possibilities when we truly understand that EVERYTHING – including us – is energy. It feels like we can develop into the most wonderful sculptors creating sculptures from clay. Some of will play and create like little children, loving getting our hands dirty and rolling out a snake, while others will be accomplished sculptors creating artworks that touch the soul and are priceless. The only difference is the sophistication of the work.

As a parent and grandparent I derive as much joy from the two-year old’s creations as from those of the art-masters. How is this possible, you might ask? Because of love. I love witnessing the joyful child getting dirty and learning as much as I do from looking at Michelangelo’s Pieta statue. The child is still becoming…and what is not to love? Becoming is the verb you can own. Become anything with confidence, learn new skills and love your Life. Shape it, individually and collectively and create beauty.

The people who love you and themselves will cheer you on in you becoming, just as you will cheer us on in our becoming.

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